Paul Kostabi

>Bekijk hieronder alle kunst van Paul Kostabi in onze collectie.< Paul Indrek Kostabi, (1962 Whittier, California) Amerikaans muzikant en kunstenaar. Bekend van zijn, in urban- of streetart stijl, expressionistisch geschilderde (zelf)portretten en prints. Hij maakt ook politiek geladen kunst en muurschilderingen. Zijn kunst is opgenomen in collecties van onder andere het Guggenheim in New York.

Paul Indrek Kostabi is an American artist and musician. He is the brother of artist Mark Kostabi. Paul Kostabi is best known for his angst-ridden and ferocious, expressionistic self-portraits.

“The psychically ravaged self-portrait is his most constant theme, but any time Paul feels like it, he’ll bust out a mocking commentary of the pretentious scale and overblown egos of certain adored art stars, or he might sincerely explore the magical color possibilities of an otherworldly vase of flowers on a table. Paul Kostabi’s work is fraught with careless care.” (Mark Kostabi on Paul Kostabi, 2002)

His paintings and prints deploy an urban street art style with new expressionist touches that places the artist at the junction of an exquisite iconic world imagery, between Basquiat and Kurt Cobain.

Kostabi became part of the CBGB Festival in 2014 exhibiting paintings alongside photographers Bob Gruen, Michael Lavine and Chris Stein. He also painted live in Times Square while Devo and Jane’s Addiction performed.

In 2015 Kostabi launches his character sprkl, in 2016 Kostabi art featured in Architectural Digest.

Paul Kostabi paintings are present in permanent collections of:
• Paterson Museum, New Jersey
• Guggenheim Museum, New York
• New England Museum of Art, Brooklyn, Connecticut
• Millennium Museum
• Whitney Museum of Art, Video, Paper Tiger Sessions
Museion Museum, Bolzano, Italy.

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